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Nearly triple the number of other promotional schools, our 20 week course will
include close to 1600 questions; our Essential Patrol Guide with in-depth
break-down of the Patrol and Administrative Guides (for the rank of lieutenant &
captain); Legal Bureau Bulletin outlines and questions; In-Basket Exercise; NYPD
Crime Classification Guide; test-taking tips; and miscellaneous testable items, such
as the Crime Classification Guide; "Judgment Scenarios"; CompStat Math;
Grammar; etc., along with unlimited e-mail support and more! We hope to have you
as a student soon. Thank you again for your interest in our material, good luck and
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Sample Lesson
NEW for the 2017
Sergeant, Lieutenant &
Captain  Exam Courses is
Rising Star's "Essential
Guide for Studiers"! The
Essential Guide is the
actual Patrol Guide,
word-for-word, except it
will include notes, study
tips, and acronyms.
Our legendary and
renowned questions
provide the most
comprehensive test-like
questions that cover what
you need. These questions
will condition you for the
real test so that there are
no hidden surprises. Our
questions are thoughtfully
designed and intended
with learning in mind.
Lt. Week 1
Questions - PG 202
Lt. Lesson Week 1 - PG 202
Lt. Lesson Week 2 - PG 203
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risingstarlive2017" to view our two Week # 1
live class videos for the 2017 Lieutenant Exam
Course. See for yourself why the Rising Star
techniques will put you at the top of your list.
Videos for 2017 Lt. Live Class - Week 1