Frequently Asked Questions
Rising Star Promotions has provided the following answers to
some of our more frequently asked questions. If your question
is not answered here, please contact us and we will quickly

Q: Does Rising Star hold traditional classes like some other schools?

Since 2006, Rising Star Promotions had been providing at-home study supplements that
were mailed to you over 20 weeks. Starting with the 2017 Lieutenant Exam, we will now be
going live and teaching our successful methods to our students in person, in addition to
those who opt to continue with home-study! Remember though, it is your responsibility to
score well on the exam and put the hard work in that is required to achieve those results.
Our material and methods are specifically suited to those who possess the dedication
and ability, or simply the desire, to study hard for their promotion. Whether it is in a
classroom, or at home away from the traditional classroom environment, we have you
covered. Rising Star keeps the cost of the course reasonable without sacrificing the
quality of the material.

Q: What is Rising Stars Philosophy?

Our philosophy is that to do well on promotional exams, you have to do the bulk of the
work. No school out there is going to wave a magic wand over you and give you a
promotion on test day. Instead, it comes from a strong desire, sincere commitment,
relentless dedication, and old-fashioned hard work on your part. Our material is not
designed to replace the Patrol Guide or to somehow give you a shortcut or excuse from
having to read it. Rising Star will however, point out and breakdown important and
troublesome items and procedures along the way in our weekly classes, but you must do
the reading for yourself. We will also provide you with the best, up-to-date information
and most comprehensive exam-like questions available that are carefully constructed and
designed to teach the material. Our instructors will guide you through the process every
step of the way and ensure that you doing all you can to achieve your promotion..

Q: I like to listen to study-CDs during my commute to and from work – Do you
offer Audio CDs

No. We do not offer audio CDs with our course for several reasons. First, in our efforts to
keep costs down and make our course more affordable to our students, we choose not to
produce audio CDs. Second, we pride ourselves on not going to print with our weekly
material until just days before we mail it out. In this way, you the student get the most
updated material. To accomplish that with audio CD production would be virtually
impossible. Third, and perhaps most important to you the student, is that the use of audio
CDs requires strict adherence to “active listening” (i.e. concentrating on every word).
Most studiers, who utilize audio CDs, listen to its content in the background while
performing other tasks (such as driving). Rising Star believes that this practice is
counterproductive, especially when listening to practice questions and answers; if you're
not actively listening, you are subconsciously prone to hear the "wrong" answer choices,
pick-up on it, and store that information in your mind as “correct”.  

Q: Some of the other schools “analyze” the frequency of test question
appearance from prior examinations, and then offer students suggestions and
advice on which procedures they should spend more time on during their study
Why doesn’t Rising Star do that?

Be very clear, the picking and choosing of what procedures and material to study, and
which ones you “don’t have to waste your time on looking at”, is a certain “promotional
suicide” – avoid this! As they say in the financial markets, past performance is no
indication of future returns. Everything is fair game for the test writers. You may have a
test that is straight down the middle, or you may get one that is full of curve balls. After
the amount of time and effort you invest into this commitment, do you really want to
gamble on statistics? We suggest that you read it all because the last thing you need on
test day, is to stand on line waiting to get in and then start wondering if maybe you should
have read more of the material you are about to be tested on. Rising Star suggests that
you build your confidence and give yourself a fighting chance on test day by knowing that
you covered everything. From our pinpoint outlines to our wealth of legendary questions,
Rising Star’s material covers it all!

Q: How are your questions created and formatted?

The focus of Rising Star Promotion’s material is in our weekly questions. Rising Star
believes that you should answer questions along your “study journey” in order to gauge
how effective your studying actually is. Face it; on test day what will you be doing for that
Answering questions. Your destiny lies in your ability to accurately answer
one hundred (100) multiple-choice questions. If you are not answering questions along
the way, you may not know where your weakness or strength lies. We will provide the
most comprehensive test-like questions that cover what you need. These questions will
condition you for the real test so that there are no hidden surprises. Our questions are
thoughtfully designed and intended with learning in mind and you will find that a majority
of questions ask you to select the incorrect answer so that while you are reading the
questions, you are absorbing good, accurate information as part of your memory and
learning. From time to time, you may also find some True-False questions in our material.
True-False questions are designed for you to analyze one single statement at a time.
After all, when you break down a single multiple-choice question, you are, in reality,
dealing with four True-False questions.

Q: I have heard that some of your questions are difficult and can even be nit-
. Is that true?

Yes. We will warn you up front, some of our questions have been called “nit-picky”.
However, we are sticklers for a very good reason – we would rather you get a tough
question wrong now than to get it wrong on test day! We do not recommend continually
answering questions that are easy – all you are doing is building a false sense of
confidence that can be dangerous over time, if unchecked. We recommend mixing it up
the same way the test writers do on exam day. Each and every question we develop has
a specific learning purpose incorporated. So while you may get frustrated from time to
time answering our questions, be patient, do not get discouraged, and keep in mind that
you are learning the hard way which will make it that much easier for you come test day.
Also remember that, hopefully on the real exam, most questions will be ground balls;
however, every test will have those “out of left field” questions. Those are the questions
that will separate those who have spent the time studying from those who have not. The
ability to get the tough questions correct on test day decides not only who will make the
list, but also who will be on the top of it. We have found that those who generally score
between 70% - 80% correct with our questions, consistently place
at the top of their lists. Rising Star’s questions will prepare you for anything the test has
to throw at you!

Q: I don’t need all the outlines, digests, tips, etc.  Can I purchase just your
questions as a stand-alone item

In the past, we have at times offered our patrol guide questions as a stand-alone item
that could be purchased, but this was based upon many varying factors. However, be
aware that when it was available, it was solely our patrol guide questions and did not
include our questions from the Administrative Guide, Legal Bureau Bulletins, In-Basket
Exercise, NYPD Crime Classification Guide, "Judgment Scenarios", CompStat Math,
Grammar, etc. The only way to ensure you receive all that you need is with our full 20-
week course.

Q: What if I am a Rising Star student and have a question about your material
that I do not understand

Contact our unlimited e-mail support and we will promptly respond with the clarification
you request, most times within 24 hours.

Q: I see that Rising Star Promotions sponsors an Internet based discussion
board for promotional exams
. Is that only available to Rising Star students?

No. Anyone, regardless of what school if any that you attend, is free to utilize the
discussion board at no cost in an effort to gain and share information about exams, as
well as to foster a spirit of camaraderie among fellow members of the service. It is

Q: I was not able to participate in the promotional exam on the original test date.
I will be taking a make-up exam soon – do you have study materials I can use to

If you missed your examination on its original test date, and you are eligible to take a
make-up examination because you were on military leave, out on a line of duty injury,
etc., contact us for study materials applicable to your particular exam. We have all of our
study courses archived and preserved with the procedures and orders that were in effect
at the time of each test!

Q: There are other schools out there. Why should I use Rising Star Promotions
over the others

While some studiers utilize more than one school for their promotional pursuit, we
realize that each school has its own style and unique benefits. Since 2006, Rising Star
Promotions has been an excellent source for NYPD promotional exam needs. We are
committed to providing you the best instructors, up-to-date material, and the largest
quantity and most comprehensive exam-like questions found anywhere! Additionally, we
do not abide by the status quo mentality – we strive to continually improve our products
for those who are serious about getting promoted. Just ask our former students about our
reputation or contact us for a free sample lesson and see for yourself. We hope to have
you as student in the near future. Good luck and study hard!

Q: What if I purchase your course and do not like it? Can I get a refund?

We strongly suggest that you view our sample lesson prior to purchase to see if our
format works for you. In the event that you purchase our course and desire to be
withdrawn, our refund policy is as follows:
1. Full refund if requested before receipt of any course materials.
2. One-half refund if requested before week # 5 is held/mailed.
3. After week # 5 is held/mailed, no refunds will be issued.