Let our proven technique work for you.  
Our study methods were developed while
studying for three promotional exams.  
Having done extremely well on our Sergeant,
Lieutenant and Captain exams, we were able
to figure out what works best.  There are no
guarantees or shortcuts however; to ace the
exams, you have to read the books and put
the time in.  We will give you the questions,
point out the relevant data, break down the
more complicated procedures and give you
study tips, while guiding through the
process.  The rest is up to you!
Course Information

  • 1,600 exam-like questions
  • Our NEW “Essential Patrol Guide” with binder – the
    actual patrol guide, word-for-word, with only those
    duties specifically needed for the rank studied,
    including notes, study tips, and acronyms, as well
    as highlights of the important material you need to
    focus on.
  • Our Administrative Guide Outline with exam-like
    questions (for Captains & Lieutenants courses)
  • Complete In-Basket Exercise
  • Legal Bureau Bulletin summaries with exam-like
  • Access to live classes (when available)
  • Test-taking tips
  • Miscellaneous testable items, such as the Crime
    Classification Guide, "Judgement Scenarios",
    CompStat Math, Grammar, etc--all with questions!
  • Unlimited Email support!
Rising Star Promotions was the only school
that was ahead of the curve on the 2009
sergeant exam with our Crime Complaint
Reporting System Reference Guide. Then
again on the 2011 lieutenant exam by
providing our students leadership scenario
material & questions. We were out front again
for the 2015 lieutenant exam by giving our
every Operations Order that
appeared on the test!